Syrinx Abyssinians

About Us

We started breeding Abyssinian cats in 1971, having bought a female Aby kitten, as a pet the previous year and deciding to have just one litter. Abys seem to be very addictive and now, forty years later, we are still breeding them.

Our prefix, Syrinx, --registered with the GCCF---was chosen because we were both professional woodwind players . Syrinx was a nymph who, on being chased by Pan, changed herself into a reed which Pan fashioned into the Pan pipes.

All our female cats have been kept in the house with access to a large run in the garden. Their kittens are born in our bedroom and brought up as part of the family. They are all registered with musical names.

Over the years most of our kittens have been sold as adored pets but we are always happy to advise and help anyone wanting to show or breed Abys.

Val and Alan Lockwood

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